starta - Women Acceleration Program


The project is pilot and 20 female entrepreneurs will be selected. The acceleration program will start in January 2022 and last until the end of August 2022.
The project is financially supported by the USAID under the Economic Governance Program.

Acceleration program created with the idea that after completing the program the participant will have the knowledge and skills that will help him on the one hand to manage the existing business on the one hand and also on the future growth and development. In particular, the program includes 3 main components:
• Trainings
• Mentoring program
• Networking

To ensure maximum effectiveness, the trainings and mentoring program will be conducted in parallel, which means that the knowledge gained during the trainings will be able to be strengthened directly through practical work with qualified, richly experienced mentors. After completing the training and mentoring program, various activities will be planned and implemented for effective networking.
Starta trainers and mentors are people with rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Also, in the process of acceleration you will have to attend master classes of various successful professionals and hear directly from them the answers to the questions that interest you.

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