EaP SME's Networking Platform


The project aims to improve the business environment and strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses in the Eastern Partnership region by developing SMEs and SMEs cluster networks and facilitating the integration of the EaP SME business global value chain, sharing information, knowledge and know-how. Through the V4 countries, an SME sustainable online networking platform has been established in the Eastern Partnership countries to provide advisory, educational and information services to online registered members during their networking activities.

For the successful implementation of the project and to achieve the best results, we involved business support organizations, clusters, SMEs from all EaP countries (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine) and three V4 countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland). Both EaP and V4 regions will have more opportunities to work together and share information, knowledge and expertise through an online platform, as well as effective collaboration, network development and SME cluster development, as well as cluster-to-cluster collaboration for economic growth in Europe.

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