ციფრული უნარების განვითარების პროგრამა


"Small and Medium Enterprises Development Association (SMEDA)" is launching a project in Khulo, Keda and Lagodekhi, the aim of which is to help young people living in these municipalities to develop digital skills. In particular, within the framework of the project, 30 young people will be selected from each municipality, who will undergo a social media management and digital skills course, after which they will be able to be effectively employed both locally and remotely.

The trainings will be held within the framework of the brand Martex Academy created within the framework of the project, and the course will be led by mentors with rich practical experience. The training consists of 14 meetings, at which both theoretical and practical issues will be discussed, so that after the course the trainee has the opportunity to manage social networks independently.

After completing the trainings, SMEDA will take care that the graduates will practice in SMEDA's member and partner organizations, as well as potentially join the internship program in the same or other companies.

The project implementation period is June-September 2022. If you are interested, please fill out the application no later than June 24.
Trainings will be held online.

In case of questions, contact us: 555140773, 571828558

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